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No problem,

We are fluent in most automotive languages, we make sure your vehicle is getting the correct parts to maintain your factory warranty and beyond.

Our tune ups will restore lost performance and gas mileage

and faster 1/4 mile times.

Our warehouse stocks over 34,000 tires.

Our buying power gets them to you for less.

When diagnosing a vehicle,

retrieving diagnostic codes

is just the beginning. There is much more information needed for an accurate diagnosis. It takes experience and the proper equipment. 

We use our combined experience

(Totaling over 60 years) to save you 

money by spending less time getting to the heart of the problem.

We also accept most extended warranty and service plans.

In most cases billing is handled by us, so you will just be responsible for any deductible you may have.

Tech- Center Hawaii

249 Duck Rd. Schofield, Hawaii 96857

Hours of operation:

Wednesday - Friday     11:30am to 7:00pm

Saturday - Sunday   9:00am to 4:00pm

Our alignment equipment

is the best, so you get

an accurate alignment


Our standard brake job

includes premium ceramic

brake pads to stop you 

faster, with less noise and

less dust with less cost.

AFFORDABLE Auto Repair &  Maintenance